Passionate About Innovation At The Human Level

We believe that innovation is not about the idea, but rather the person; that when you focus on the individual, acknowledging, empowering, and supporting them, great innovations emerge, as does a culture of inclusion, active participation, and growth.

We believe that there is greatness in every person, and that there is an incomparable power in an individual that has found, developed, and unleashed their personal magic. We believe uniting these people to collaborate and work in new and creative ways can yield a transformative culture that can change the trajectory of an organization.

Our Pursuit Of Individual
& Collaborative Greatness

Post-Exit Entrepreneurs & Innovators

We are a group of data-driven, action-oriented, and human-centered professionals committed to redefining what is possible in culture and innovation, and making it available to every person and organization.

University Researchers & Data Scientists

Reaching far beyond the topic of innovation, our team of researchers helps optimize our platform, how it is used, and the analysis and optimization if its outcomes and impact.

Human Scientists

People focused on people, their behavior, motivations and the pursuit of authenticity and personal greatness. Focusing on what causes people to quietly disengage or hit the brake pedal, and the actions and conditions in which they step on the gas.

Technology Nerds

We recognize the power of technology, especially when applied with focus, commitment, and intent.  We are  constantly pushing the envelope on function, capability, and use, to ensure we are adding incomparable value to the lives of individuals and organizations.

In The Words Of Those That Matter Most

“I feel a lot more noticed, in a good way.  I feel like people notice the hard work that I do which makes me want to work even harder.”

 – Caroline C

“This had made my job a little easier, actually.  It’s encouraging more people to collaborate across department and team lines.”

– Scott D

“I like that it is made me feel empowered to express all ideas, no matter how little or small in a safe environment.”

-Colleen R.

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