The Greatness

In Every Person And Their Ideas


Fully Integrated Into Your Culture And Ways Of Working


Bonifide’s highly engineered and thoughtful process builds in multiple opportunities to acknowledge and recognize your people, paving the way for higher levels of engagement and active participation.


Bonifide’s process provides multiple opportunities for employees to participate, in several ways and depths, with that engagement requiring very little in the way of time commitment, while having substantial human-level impact.


Bonifide’s Innovation Operation System provides the platform to submit ideas, provide feedback on the ideas of others, support, and in certain cases, even lead innovation projects.

Innovations From The People

Closest To Your Customers And Operations


The goods and services your customers buy

Customer Experience

Every interaction and experience

Process & Operations

All the activities that go into delivering your product, customer experience, and existence as an organization


Your ways of working

Developing Your Leadership
And Rising Stars

Action Projects

Drawing on our roots in education, we have developed our process and programming to harness the power of Learning in Action. Your High Potentials will “own” this area of innovation and work collaboratively across departments to generate, evaluate, develop, and implement innovations, building business acumen in the process.

Real Impact

One of the greatest advantages of truly integrated, Human Centered Innovation is its genuine importance and impact on the organization. This work is not academic; on the contrary, ideas are being brought to life and implemented, generating measurable hard dollar impact that is visible to leaders throughout the organization, all the way to the top.


Four Categories Of Measurable Outcomes






That Endures And Grows

Employee Engagement

Acknowledging your people in genuine ways, through multifaceted proven approaches

Culture of Inclusion

From the bottom up, top down, and from within every area of the organization

Individual Growth & Pathways

Pathways to access learning and support in multiple forms and modalities; growth through high visibility and high impact work

Culture of Empowerment

Not just included, but the voice to speak up and the empowerment to help make the changes selected

Organizational Growth

Organic growth, hard-dollar savings, efficiency, effectiveness

Culture of Active Participation

Included, empowered, and put in a position to help the organization exceed its goals for excellence

Retain, Attract

Work with meaning, visibility, and impact that deepens the relationship with leaders and employees, and attracts greatness

Integrated Innovation

Constantly generating innovations with significant hard dollar impact


You could engage and activate your people at all levels?
Innovation wasn’t something you talked about, or did in sprints, but actually lived?
You harnessed the ideas from the people closest to your customers, operations?
The best ideas became more than ideas, but instead implemented and measured innovations?
You could do more by accessing and developing a new set of talent?
This was all possible through a plug-and-play platform?


What Are Your What IF’s ?

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